Make Your Nights Last Longer with Infratech

You don’t want to be limited by the weather, so you want to make sure your outdoor area is as functional and versatile as possible, no matter what the temperature is. In New Zealand we can experience quick weather changes so we want to be comfortable outside which means a thoughtful design is crucial.

With the installation of an Infratech infrared heater emitting radiant heat, your guests and family won’t even know there has been a temperature variation. Days can be sunshine filled but after the sun goes down, so does the temperature. To continue your outdoor enjoyment install a mounted outdoor heater which will take the chill from the night air. 

How to Design an Outdoor Area to Maximise Its Use

A stylish well designed outdoor area will have you spending less time inside, even in the colder months. Creating the right design and getting the right advice is a perfect opportunity to increase your liveability outside. Heating is now recognised as a key feature when it comes to turning our outdoors into a comfortable entertaining hub.

The positioning of furniture and fixtures such as TVs, dining tables, wall-mounted heating and BBQs will be the key to a seamless transition from your inside living to your outdoor living. Infratech heaters have a wide range of size and function options available to suit every outdoor area, large or small. We would love to assist you in getting the perfect set-up for your home or business.

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The Infratech NZ Team