Infratech has been a pioneer and leader in infrared technology for more than 50 years. We offer a wide range of products for the Domestic and Commercial Heating market.

Infratech uses the latest in manufacturing technologies to offer you the most efficient infrared systems for the lowest cost in the industry. From heating a backyard patio to a complex mega resort, Infratech can provide the design, engineering, controls and infrared equipment your property or facility requires.

Infratech is committed to providing high quality, innovative products that exceed our customers’ expectations. We have the technology and we have the people to achieve our promise of quality, delivery and price. We look forward to keeping that promise with you.

Infratech has been in New Zealand for 20 years and is made for the New Zealand climate with high quality materials. You can find our heaters at some of NZ's most exclusive locations. The Hills Golfclub, White and Wong's, Oyster and Chop and many more. Are you interested in using Infratech for your business? Get in touch through the contact page.