Infratech SL40 4Kw Heater Black


Now, in response to customer demand, we are pleased to announce the latest addition to our line of heating systems – the Infratech Slimline Shadow single element heater. The Slimline Shadow heater incorporates our popular Slimline SL-Series heating body in a matte black housing. 

With crisp, modern styling, an anodized aluminium housing and narrow profiles, Slimline heaters virtually disappear into the surrounding décor. These heaters feature a durable anodized aluminium housing with an architectural finish, capable of withstanding years of outdoor use. Slimline heaters are ideal for surface mount applications up to ten feet, and feature a T-slot for flexible mounting options using the included brackets. Available in 1,600, 2,400, 3,000 and 4,000-watt models.

  • SL40 single element heater unit
  • Heat Coverage Area: 3.5 x 3.5m
  • Mounting Area: 2.3 - 3.0m
  • Length: 1.62m
  • Kw: 4.0
  • Amps: 17.5
  • Volts: 240V

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